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14:00  06 december  2021
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Within many different sports, there have been rule changes that have been brought in to try and make them safer for athletes. If you want to find out about the biggest changes in US sports, then you have come to the right place. Take a look below to find out more.

American Football

Marvin Washington has said that American Football is now safer than it ever has been. It has been highlighted that over the last couple of years alone, the NFL has helped to make 39 rule changes all of which are helping to enhance the safety of players. Kickoffs have been moved closer and this is to try and reduce dangerous returns. It is also designed to try and increase the number of touchbacks as well. Rigorous protocols are being established as well. This is to try and reduce the number of concussions that people experience. Of course, medical spotters can now call for a timeout if they believe that a player may have a concussion. Receivers on a pass who happen to be intercepted are now classed as being defenceless, in terms of plays. This has also changed the world of betting, as sports betting odds now need to be judged and calculated differently to account for the rule changes.

Measurable Results

When you look at the rules, you will see that the NFL has come a remarkably long way. The offense could easily begin a yard from the sideline if they wanted. On top of this, substitutions were not allowed and players on both teams were given the chance to grab facemasks if that is what they wanted to do. Now the NFL has rules which make the game much fairer. It is also much safer for all of those who might be involved. They try to pay attention to the players and they also try to make sure that the number of injuries is driven down as well.

Rule Changes

There really are many more rule changes that have happened in the NFL, and where health and safety are concerned, it’s safe to say that the changes are for the better. Tech is also helping to make football much safer as well. If you look at a mouthguard that has been showcased by the NOVA video, you will soon see that they can be fitted with both a gyroscope as well as an accelerometer. The aim of this is to try and measure the speed of the mouthguard as it moves through the field. The gyroscope also helps to measure the player who is wearing it. By using information like this, coaches can see how hard a player was hit if they were tackled and at what angle. If this goes above a certain number then they can get a Bluetooth alert and this will tell them if they should take the player off for a little while. Tech has really introduced a lot of help for those who need it and it is also making those who attend training feel much more at ease.

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How American Sports have Changed over Time
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